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Red Tail E-Review April 2017


Use these new technologies to their fullest, but be skeptical and vigilant that they are just as much a weapon as a tool and the enemy is always watching.

USE YOUR LEAVE WHEN YOU ACCRUE IT:  Military leave will be scheduled and taken during the tour it was earned unless urgent mission circumstances do not afford the member the opportunity to do so. 

AMENDED DUTY ORDERS:  When orders are modified in AROWS with a pay-affecting amendment, the amendment must be promptly submitted by the member to the Reserve Pay Office.


USE YOUR LEAVE WHEN YOU ACCRUE IT:  Military leave will be scheduled and taken during the tour it was earned unless urgent mission circumstances do not afford the member the opportunity to do so. 

AMENDED DUTY ORDERS:  When orders are modified in AROWS with a pay-affecting amendment, the amendment must be promptly submitted by the member to the Reserve Pay Office.

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 Get ready for spring Alaska.

The flight line is a busy place where the rubber meets the road, literally. The mission is visible, immediate and, sometimes, dangerous. Quality Assurance makes sure, in all of the hustle and bustle, those operations stay safe. Click here for the full article.


Come March 2017, the Air Force will begin removing the IBM Forms Viewer software from all networked computers.

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Reserve members with fewer than 4,320 points have the option to opt into the 
Blended Retirement System. 

Letter of Intent by June 4, 2017
Completed, staffed application by July 7, 2017
Board will convene August 5, 2017

Speak up An anonymous way to let your chain of command know how you see things. Get your squadron password from your supervisor, then click here

What are the things we need to know about awards and decorations as Airmen?
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FAMILY SEPARATION ALLOWANCE (FSA): FSA is payable when you are on military temporary duty (TDY) away from your dependents continuously for more than 30 days, and your dependents do not reside at or near the TDY station.

If you are married to another military member regardless of whether you have any dependents, FSA is payable to the TDY member provided that you and your spouse were residing together immediately before being separated by military orders.

Get your FSA by completing DD Form 1561, blocks 1-4 and part I, and submit it to the RPO.

SEE YOUR RESERVE PAY OFFICE (RPO): There are many good reasons to contact the RPO. Here are a few:1) change in marital status, 2) change state of legal residence, 3) change of address, 4) change number of dependents, 5) change in tax exemptions, and 6) change in direct deposit account. Note-changes for tax exemptions and direct deposit can be accomplished in myPay.

ADVANCE LEAVE: When military members request more leave days than they have accrued, but will accrue before the end of their active duty tour, the days that exceed the current leave balance are known as advance leave. In most cases, advance leave is not authorized. The only exceptions are for emergencies or for non-prior-service enlistees attending schools during Christmas holiday recess. So unless you have an emergency or are a pipeline student, do not request more leave days than your current leave balance. Reminder, leave request forms must be submitted to the Reserve Pay Office (RPO) before leave starts.

Help give back to the community, LOOKING FOR JULY VOLUNTEERS, contact Angela Earle, 302nd Fighter Squadron Unit Program Coordinator, at 907-551-6421.
Current List of Fisher House needs                      
Refractive Surgery is a hot topic when it comes to ways to correct vision. It can be an incredible option to free oneself from the burdens of glasses and contacts.  Refractive surgery is possible for those members in the Reserve, but there are some important details. Click here to read more.
For those requiring transportation between Eielson and JBER, includes both directions, for UTA participation can utilize the Alaska ANG Rotator that is scheduled every weekend the Guard is drilling. However, a few prerequisites must be met before you can fly on the rotator. Click here to learn more or find a factsheet from Eilson Air Force Base here
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Enhancing multi-domain command and control...tying it all together

This paper outlines my third and final focus area, Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2). In the first two papers - Revitalizing Squadrons, and Strengthening Joint Leaders and Teams - I laid out how an evolving operating environment demands a
renewed focus on developing our Airmen and organizations. The changing national security environment also requires us to examine how we sense, decide, and act rapidly and in concert across all domains - or put it another way, master command and control of the multi-domain battle.

While we dominate the air, space and cyber domains today, our adversaries have invested heavily in technologies to deny us the superiority we have come to rely upon. To counter this, we must integrate our advantages across these domains in new and dramatically effective ways. Linking operations moving at the speed of light with operations moving at the speed of sound requires we bring it all together: the skills of our Airmen, the vision of our leaders, and the audacity and technical innovation found throughout Air Force history.
Multi-domain battle is more than the ability to work in multiple domains. We already do this quite effectively in today's Air Operations Centers. It is also more than operations in one domain supporting or complementing operations in another domain. An advanced multi-domain operating concept (CONOPS) will exploit current and new capabilities as well as integrate joint and coalition capabilities across all military operations. It will allow us to both see more opportunities and generate more options for our nation's leaders. Nominally, as either the Joint Forces Air Component Commander or Joint Forces Commander facilitating a campaign, we will be responsible for the delivery and articulation of joint fires. This responsibility mandates that we master MDC2.

To use a football analogy, we have developed and employed the greatest running attack the sport of football has ever seen . Over time, our opponents adjusted and built their defenses to limit our running-style. Therefore, we must shift to develop a new kind of offense. We will not abandon the run but will enhance our passing game and create a multi-dimensional attack that not only keeps the defense off balance (because we can attack in multiple ways) but also plays at an increased tempo so they will not have time to adjust. We must be able to overwhelm the enemy.
This evolution in our command-and-control capabilities requires new thinking, new training, and perhaps new technologies or new ways to use older technology. We will need to integrate real-time information from a variety of sources - some non-traditional - - and evaluate that information as fast as systems can process it. If an enemy blocks actions in one domain, we quickly "call an audible" to change the play and attack or defend from another. Future multi-domain operations will be high velocity, agile, and joint by their very nature.

The elements to make command and control work are situational awareness, rapid decision-making, and the ability to direct forces to achieve commander's intent. The first essential element is situational awareness. Our abil ity to collect and distribute data and transform it into intelligence is robust, but we need to better integrate non-traditional sources of information. We also need to leverage our interagency, commercial, and foreign partners' capabilities.
 To make sense of that volume of information, we need common architectures, standardized data formatting, increased machine-to-machine and artificial learning systems, and better integration to rapidly identify, synthesize, and present timely, decision-quality information to the right leader in the most useful format possible.

Situational awareness is most powerful when it enables effective and timely decision-making at the right level whether tactical, operational or strategic. Making such decisions at the needed operational tempo presents both a human as well as a technical challenge. We must continue to develop and empower Airmen at all levels: tactical, operational, and strategic ...

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TDY PHONE CHARGES: Costs associated with personal phone use during temporary duty are not reimbursable and should not be claimed on travel vouchers. It’s good practice to contact finance before incurring questionable TDY travel expenses.