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By Staff Sgt. Mike Campbell

The 477th Fighter Group Aircraft Maintenance Squadron joined Raptor partners from the Hawaii Air National Guard, 154th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, for their annual tour soaring through two weeks of day-to-day missions from June 19-July 01, 2017 at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii.

This isn’t the first time these Raptor units have completed successful training missions together, joining forces to gain experience and increase capabilities.

Read the full article here.

Photo by Senior Airman Kyle Johnson
Two Royal Thai Air Force Airmen stand in front of their C-130 Hercules on the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Flightline June 8 during Operation Red Flag-Alaska 17-2.

RF-A is a Pacific Air Forces-directed field training exercise for U.S. and international forces flown under simulated air combat conditions. It is conducted on the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex with air operations flown primarily out of Eielson Air Force Base and JBER.

Read the full story here


~Runners on Reserve~
Twelve JBER runners competed in the inaugural Alaska Relay, a 200-mile race from Chugiak to Seward High School. Each runner was required to run three legs ranging from three to 10 miles. Read more here.
Members of the 477th Fighter Group re-enlist on the USS Battleship Missouri Memorial June 23 while on Annual Tour at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. 
~Fisher House helping others~
Col. Christopher Ogren, 477 FG Commander, talks with veterans and their families at the Alaska Fisher House July 5, 2017.Alaska’s Fisher House opened in 2012 and continues to serve military families today. Read more.
~477th, thank you for all you do~
Chaplain Paul Mount from the 931st Air Refueling Wing, who served his annual tour here during June and July, left a note of thanks to the men and women of the 477th Fighter Group. Read the full message here.

477th Commander's Call Topics
477 FG News
Air Force Reserve Snapshot
AF News
New officer and enlisted evaluation system  

Welcome Lisa McNeese
477 FG Promotions for June and July:

302 FS - Senior Airman Charlene Broome
302 FS - Staff Sgt. Brittany Simmons
477 FG - Technical Sgt. Michael Campbell
477 FG - Staff Sgt. Dilling Koeckritz
477 FG - Technical Sgt. Nickolis Trapman
477 FG - Staff Sgt. Robert Wagner
477 FSS - Senior Airman Jahmere Calhoun
477 AMXS - Master Sgt. Jair Guevara
477 MXS - Senior Airman Jeremy Pike

Explore over 50,000 free online courses, books, learning tracks, videos, exercises, and much more as part of your self-development journey. Read the August 2017 edition of the virtual Force Development Center newsletter to learn about on-demand, self-paced learning resources available to Air Force civilians, officers, and enlisted members without charge. Training, education, and force development resources are accessible from your desktop 24/7 including AF
e-learning programs and links to myPers, My Vector, AFVEC, and much more.

OBLIGATION TO TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY: Travelers are expected to exercise the same care for government travel expenses that a prudent person would exercise if traveling at personal expense. Treat TDY travel expenses as if you were spending your own money.

PREPARE ORDERS IN AROWS-R: It is AFRC policy that AROWS-R will be used to prepare orders for AF reservists. All AF Forms 938, Request and Authorization for Active Duty Training/Active Duty Tour, and DD Forms 1610, Request and Authorization for TDY Travel, must be prepared using AROWS-R. Orders should not be prepared by the active duty units to which reservists are assigned.

RESERVISTS WHO PAY CHILD SUPPORT: If you are paying child support, and you are not receiving with-dependent basic allowance for housing (BAH) for your active duty tours, please contact the 477 FG Reserve Pay Office. You may be entitled to the higher allowance rate. 

New PHA Schedule

Sat. 12-3 p.m., Sun. 8-10 a.m. (MXS/AMXS only)
Dental, optometry, labs, immunizations, audiograms, and profile walk-ins available both Sat. and Sun.

302 FS- Technical Sgt. Andre Andrews
302 FS- Lt. Col. Brian Budde 
302 FS- Staff Sgt. Amanda King 
302 FS- Lt. Col. Chad Newkirk 
AMDF- Lt. Col. Hannon Faber 
AMDF- Staff Sgt. Heather Ridge 
AMXS- Staff Sgt. Jair Guevara 
AMXS- Staff Sgt. Pedro Saldivar 
AMXS- Technical Sgt. Bernard Taft 

FGS- Lt. Col. Jeremy Weihrich 
FSS- Lt. Col. Jennifer Page 
MXS- Technical Sgt. Dominick Dimartino 
MXS- Staff Sgt. Seth Roberts 
MXS- Technical Sgt. Christian San Juan 
MXS- Master Sgt. Travis Schlapbach 
OSF- Staff Sgt. Brendan Lee 
OSF- Maj. Eter Tymitz


It's judging time!

Bring your homegrown salad to the 477 FG Headquarters Building Sunday, August 6 at noon to enter to win an aero garden. Points for each ingredient you grow yourself. Remember, no store bought salad dressing. 
Senior Airman Joseph Miller - 477 FSS

A unit with the 3rd Wing was preparing to go TDY, however they needed their stand-alone computers fixed and a new telephone installed in their office.

The 673 CS were not able to get the job done, so SrA Miller was called in to help. SrA Miller impressed his customers with his comm knowledge and willingness to help out on such short notice. He was able to quickly
configure the computers and get everything up, running and functional before their trip. He was particularly great in maintaining communications with the customer throughout the entire transaction.

The 3rd Wing crew could not have been more graetful.
Technical Sgt. Shandy Gonzalez - 477 FSS

An active duty family had been having a very difficult time trying to enroll their son in TRICARE Young Adult -They kept receiving misleading, bad information from various sources. Technical Sgt. Gonzalez was first able to renew their son's ID card. She then gave the family the correct information on TRICARE they needed, albeit not what they wanted to hear, but one based on current regulations.

The customers were very impressed with her professional manner and for providing them with outstanding customer service. The customer noted "She set the bench mark for professional and courteous customer service."
Technical Sgt. Joshua Baker - 477 AMXS

Technical Sgt. Baker, from the 477 AMXS Weapons Flight, was selected as the 477th Fighter Group Armament Systems Supervisor-Semiannual Award. During the Apr UTA while conducting a live fire exercise Technical Sgt. Baker took charge of responding to a hung ordinance, leading a team of weapons techs and crew chiefs to the end of the runway safely recovering the aircraft with a hung GBU-32.

For this, along with his continued leadership and dedication to the 477 FG mission, Baker was selected as the 477th Fighter Group Armament Systems
Supervisor for period 1, 2017.
In the U.S. floods kill more people each year than tornadoes, hurricanes or lightning.

Flooding occurs in all U.S. states and territories. This can be a threat anywhere in the world that experiences rainfall, has large bodies of water, or dams/levees.

This month's Emergency Management Newsletter focuses on floods and safety. For the PDF version, click here.

Are you ready?
Flooding is an overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry. Floods can happen during heavy rains, from ocean waves coming ashore, when snow melts
too fast, or when dams/levees break.

Did You Know?
If the Arctic Valley Dam breaks, the housing area in Moose Crossing is susceptible to at least six feet of water. Residents will be notified by Giant Voice, steady tones and PA systems.
How can you be prepared for a flood?
Talk to your insurance agent:
- Ask about the National Flood Insurance Program.

Prepare an emergency kit:
- High energy foods such as protein bars
- Flashlight/Candles
- Blankets/Warm Clothing
- Battery Operated Radio
- First Aid Kit
 Prepare a household flood emergency plan:
- Discuss plan with family.
- How will my family/household get to a meeting place after the emergency?
- How will my family/household get emergency alerts and warnings?
- How will I let loved ones know I am safe?





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