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Feb 2017 Red Tail R-Review

February 2017

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Operations Support Flight

JBER Moose

Col. Christopher D. Ogren


What a year!!! 

2016 was a banner year for the 477th Fighter Group. We proved we could get the job done even with severe funding and manning constraints. We deployed members of the 477th throughout the globe and achieved success wherever we went. From pilots to cyber systems technicians, Arctic Reservists could be found supporting vital Air Force missions in multiple military operations.

The 302nd Hellions dropped more than 20,000 pounds of ordnance on ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. During one of their six-month deployments, they supported 330 Air Tasking Order missions, deploying 340 munitions. And who helped build, transport and load those munitions? Well, our 3rd MUNs Airmen, of course.

At home, our Airmen and civilian members helped deploy, brief, and track members trekking to multiple theaters. We conducted education services for 9,400 members and saved the Air Force more than $932,000 in tuition assistance funds. We conducted home-station operations with fewer people and tighter budgets, and did it better than ever before.

The 477th cultivates talented people and meaningful partnerships that produce unbeatable power projection.

Come cheer on our annual award winners Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017 and join in the celebration marking a year of excellence.

Reserve Family -

The winter dark ages are starting to subside, somewhat, & we remain diligently engaged in our Air Dominance (POWER) mission both in Alaska and downrange.

It is a great time to be a Citizen Airmen - the new POTUS is tasking his new SecDef for a readiness assessment with an eye towards asking the Congress for supplemental $$ for both FY17 & FY18.

This is all goodness because I know we often times have more military volunteerism then days and dollars. On the civilian side, ART positions are exempt from the hiring freeze which will allow us to move forward with some of our staffing options.

So thanks for getting the mission done with our 3 WG PARTNERS & thanks for rolling with the punches.

See you at the Airmen of the Year (PEOPLE) celebration on 11 February!

All the best - Beldar

We weren’t the kind to go looking for the spotlight. We didn’t need our hands held. We did our jobs just fine without getting pats on the head. Of course, when something went wrong or something got busted, yeah…that’s when the spotlight found us. The Air Force never did manage to build a plane that would fix itself. We were maintainers. Flight line warriors. And when it’s not hot, miserable, dirty work…it’s cold, miserable, dirty work. We love it. We hate it…but we love it. Because we love this country. We love making things right. We love the challenge.We love the pressure, the deadlines, the long hours. If it was easy, we wouldn’t get that rush of accomplishment. We live for that rush. And we get it every day. With our hands, we make that jet fly again. We turn a bunch of metal and circuits back into a missile.

Want more? Visit the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence site here.

JBER got the rare opportunity to be part of one of those historic moments last week when the crew from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 stopped by with their F-35Bs while transitioning from Yuma, AZ to Japan.

“This is a first for an operational F-35 squadron in Alaska,” said U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Cassidy Cleinmark who works as an F-35 Avionics Maintenance Control Marine. “This is an unprecedented movement for the F-35 operational unit.”
The F-35 is the newest aircraft to enter the world of fighter jets, and fifth-gen fighters aren’t new to JBER. The last time a new aircraft entered the JBER Airspace was the F-22 in August, 2007, when the base became the first Pacific Air Forces installation to receive the Raptor which joined the 3rd Wing and Air Force Reserve Command’s 477th Fighter Group.

Master Sgt. Mark Ling, who works as an F-22 expediter for the 90th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, was one of the first 477th Fighter Group aircraft crew chiefs that worked on the F-22 Raptor.

"In 2007, the F-22 Raptor was the aircraft maintainer’s top choice to learn and work on,” he said. “It was a new jet that we all knew would change the fighter world forever. Even ten years later, it is still an exciting state-of-the-art aircraft to work with.”

Fast forward to 2017 and JBER can add the F-35B transition pit-stop as another series of aviation firsts.

“As a Plane Captain, I make sure the aircraft is safe for flight, including the fuel systems, propulsion, pre-flight inspection and aircraft marshaling,” said Marine Cpl. Alexander Noonan a Powerline Marine, similar to our Air Force crew chief mechanics.

Read the full article here
By Staff Sgt. Michael Campbell
477th Fighter Group, Public Affairs

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska -- On any giving day at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, you can hear sound of freedom as the F-22 Raptors circle the mountains and come in for a landing. There was a different tone to that sound Jan. 9, 2017 as the Marine F-35B Lightening II fighter jets joined the orchestration.

“There aren’t a lot of firsts in the world; they happen once and that’s it and it’s always amazing when you see it first-hand,” said 477th Fighter Group Commander, Col. Christopher Ogren.


AIRLINE RESERVATIONS, RENTAL CARS AND OPTIONAL SERVICES: For temporary duty travel you must use a government-contracted commercial travel office (SATO for example) to arrange for air and rental car transportation.

Rental car authorization should be stated in the orders. The individual who is authorized the rental car can be reimbursed for the rental and fuel. If someone other than the authorized user pays for fuel, that person cannot be reimbursed. By using SATO, the government rate provides rental car insurance coverage.

For TDY in the United States, you should not acquire additional insurance, roadside assistance coverage, GPS service or satellite radio service. If you do get optional coverage or services, the extra cost will not be reimbursed. Also, rental car wash costs are not reimbursable.

WORN OUT UNIFORM ITEM REPLACEMENT: Military members must not buy uniform items for themselves with the intent of being reimbursed. Unit clothing purchasers are the only individuals authorized to purchase uniforms for members.
477th Commander's Call Topics
477 FG News
Air Force Reserve Snapshot
AF News
New officer and enlisted evaluation system

477 FSS
Staff Sgt. Marisa Puller

477 AMXS
Technical Sgt. Sean Oneill

Airman Basic to Airman First Class
Valentina Mendieta Botero - 477 AMGDF

Airman First Class to Senior Airman
Adrian Coombs - 477 FSS

Senior Airman to Staff Sgt.
Christopher Graham - 477 AMXS
Kyle Cahill - 477 MXS
Mathier Radcliffe - 477 FSS

Staff Sgt. to Technical Sgt.
Cameron Shofner - 477 AMDF

Master Sgt. to Senior Master Sgt.
Anayansi Aguilar - 477 FSS

Winter is here, do you know your uniform wear regulations? JBER has a local supplement on Air Force E-publishing, AFI36-2903_PACAFSUP_JBELMENDORF-RICHARDSONSUP 31 OCTOBER 2014, as well as a recently released Modification to Winter Weather Uniform Wear (JBER-69), which address cold-weather gear. Below are a few topics associated with cold-weather wear:

Individuals can wear black or sage green gloves with the Air Battle Uniform, Flight Dress Uniform and all authorized outer garments to the ABU or FDU. You can only wear gloves when wearing an outer garment such as a fleece jacket or parka.

The sage green fleece is authorized for wear as an outer garment with the ABU only, it can only be worn over the ABU coat and it is not authorized to be worn solely over a t-shirt or thermals.

Watch Cap: /
The Black Watch Cap may be worn with any uniform combination except the Mess Dress and Semi-formal. The Sage Green Watch Cap may be worn when wearing ABU and FDU authorized outer garments or the physical training uniform.

Read more here.

Technical Sgt. Peter hall, 477th weapons section, served as an evaluator for Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson's Fourth Quarter Weapons Load Competition Jan. 20, 12017. The team form the 90th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, 3rd AMXS Weapons Flight won the competition, which evaluated crew skills and safety standards.

"Their hard work is to be commended, but we have to recognize that this is also a training opportunity," said Lt. Col. Thomas Walter, 477 FG Deputy Commander, Maintenance. "The evaluators identified opportunities for both teams to enhance their skills, ensuring both teams ended the competition with improved knowledge and skills." The world is shaped by two things — stories told and the memories they leave behind.
— Vera Nazarian

Send us your story, share your pictures.
E-mail photos and video tocarla.gleason@us.af.mil.
Limited space left for 2017.
Help give back to the community, contact Angela Earle, 302nd Fighter Squadron Unit Program Coordinator at 907-551-6421.

January's Volunteers: 302nd Fighter Squadron

Current List of Fisher House needs
General Dave Goldfein, Chief of Staff--
Sometimes it is not easy for the public to see all that the Air Force and our great Airmen do each day. Many of you — particularly in the space, cyber, and nuclear weapons fields — know this to be true. But even for fighter, bomber and tanker crews, where there is often little spare room for journalists or other passengers, it can be difficult to show America its Air Force.

With our 70th Air Force birthday upon us, this is a perfect time for me to ask for your help. As we celebrate seven decades of innovating and breaking barriers,let’s humbly but unapologetically show our countrymen the Air Force that you and I know so well. Let’s take the time to put a human face on what we provide for the joint force, our allies and the nation.
This seems only appropriate, given that we have been at war continuously for the past quarter century, from Desert Storm to Kosovo, to patrolling Iraqi no-fly zones, then to Afghanistan and Iraq again as we fight the scourge of ISIL.

The joint force depends on the Air Force’s ability to range the globe, often on very short notice. That is a unique capability that we know as Global Reach.Anyone who has been to any of our Distributed Common Ground Systems has seen our real-time global surveillance network in operation. That is Global Vigilance, and it has been a key to warfighting success in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Our combat and mobility forces, working alongside our joint partners and allies,have

performed the lion’s share of the heavy lifting in the ISIL fight. That includes special operations Airmen, assisting with airstrikes in Iraq and Syria while continuing the fight in Afghanistan.Combine our conventional and special operations forces with the Air Force’s stewardship of two legs of the nuclear triad, and that is the third pillar of Air Force Global Vigilance, Global Reach and Global Power.

This year, as we celebrate the shattering of numerous barriers — from the dawn of the jet age to ICBMs, the advent of GPS navigation and the maturity of precision strike — we still have serious work to do. We must and will modernize our nuclear forces as Airmen provide 75 percent of the nuclear command, control and communications framework to connect our presidentto the nuclear triad.
We will get bigger, as we grow our active duty, Guard and Reserve force in the years ahead to match resources to tasks and rebuild readiness that has declined notably. We will also focus on space as a potential area of conflict, bring a new tanker online and work to develop the B-21 as we upgrade our aging bomber fleet. It’s not just about machinery, however.

We will develop joint leaders who better understand air, space and cyber as they come together as elements of joint and national power. We will emphasize rapid command and control in highly contested and in some cases degraded environments — a requisite for winning in the future. And, we will revitalize our squadrons.

Read full CSAF OpEd here.

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Have you completed or updated your Reserve Development Plan?

Reserve Officer Development Plan and Reserve Enlisted Development Plan (R-EDP) will be referred generically as Reserve Development Plan. R-DPs are the critical communication link between the member, a mentor (optional), the coordinator, and the Development Team.

R-DPs should be completed:

*When personal circumstances warrant
*To communicate education/training desires
*To update assignment preferences

For additional information and instructions, click here to visit MyPers.

Why Teach?
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·Help students realize their potential
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Alaska is not able to fill its annual demand for teachers from in-state university programs and as a result, most teachers are recruited from other parts of the country. So come and teach!

All current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces whose last period of service is characterized as honorable, may participate in the program.

The first step to begin this life-changing mission is to complete and submit the Troops to Teachers online application.

Click here for more information.

4th Quarter 477th Winners
CIV: Mr. Kyle D. Cahill
AMN: SrA Conner L. Otten
NCO: TSgt Vincent De La O
SNCO: MSgt Justin R. Silva
CGO: Capt Susan R. Reinhart
FGO: Lt Col David B. Trowbridge

SrA Christopher Graham - QA Honor Roll-recognized for outstanding
performance and attention to detail during QA inspections.

3d OG
Major John Deloney, 302 FS - Officer instructor of the Quarter - 4th quarter

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