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Col. Christopher D. Ogren, 477th Fighter Group Commander,
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.

"Reserve Family – my time in Alaska has flown
by. I just wanted to say thank you for answering
the call to serve as Citizen Airmen in the
477 Fighter Group. Despite the many ups and
downs I am continually astonished by the
experience & professionalism of our PEOPLE.
Your work generating lethal POWER for the nation
with our PARTNERS every day has been an honor
to witness. I believe I received more than I gave
because you have all made me a better Airman.
Thank you, & I hope to see many of you down the road.
v/r Beldar

Questions or leads for the AF Reserve contact:TSgt Seth Roberts, at 907-382-4314/seth.roberts@us.af.mil, orMSgt John F. Sullivan IV-907-552-3595.
Chaplain, Colonel Pat Travers
477th Fighter Group Chaplain

For those of us here in Alaska, as for so many others who live where it’s cold and dark at this time of year, the passing of the holidays can often be an invitation to a rather dreary, pessimistic view of things. The post-holiday letdown that many of us experience makes the prospect of four or five more months of cold weather all the more daunting. And, while increasing periods of daylight will soon be noticeable, the night/day ratio that most of us prefer is still some time off. The environmental conditions make everything more difficult, whether from snow accumulations, icy roads, frozen car locks, or any number of other factors that, individually might be minor and manageable, but together become a source of seemingly constant annoyance. Of course, all of this coincides with one of the busiest periods of the year, whether at work, at school, or in our lives at home, which even by itself would be a considerable source of anxiety and stress. It’s no wonder that so many Alaskans, including so many members of the Armed Forces and their families, surrender to depression, despair, substance abuse, and destructive behaviors.

This is why it’s so important for us to find ways to explore the many opportunities for joy and growth that we have here during the winter and to help others to do so as well. One of the wonderful things about living and working in and around Anchorage is the remarkable wealth of winter activities responding to a broad range of interests. Winter sports are what we often consider first—skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, even curling just outside the Government Hill gate. But there are many other enjoyable activities for those of us who might prefer to remain indoors. Like other parts of our State, Southcentral Alaska has attracted a variety of artists, craftspeople, musicians, and other practitioners of culture who are anxious to share their skills with others whose winter could use some brightening up. There are many people here for whom the cold weather and lack of work or shelter becomes a life-or-death issue, and whose needs are met by social and religious organizations that are always in need of helpers who can spread comfort and joy in shelters, soup kitchens, and similar critical activities while experiencing the satisfaction that can come from shared service to and with others. Opportunities for learning and intellectual growth are abundant here, whether through formal academics or more casual reading and discussion groups.

All of these external activities and efforts can only go so far, however, in leading us to hope and happiness, even in the best of times. What is even more important is attention to the interior, spiritual aspect of our lives, taking time to reflect on our relationships with others, our moral values, and our beliefs about the underlying meaning of our existence. Without this, even a person whose life is filled with the most attractive, exciting adventures and opportunities will find them to be superficial and inadequate in the face of the very real challenges and setbacks that we all face. It’s a lifelong process, one that is never fully accomplished in this world, but one that will repeatedly reward those who undertake it. Whether or not we pursue it in the context of an overtly religious faith, it is an essential aspect of being human. During these coming cold and dark months, let us resolve to seek the hope and joy of tending to the external and internal activities that meet our human needs, and of helping others to do so as well.


The 477 AMDF are tentatively scheduled to have 477FGmembers physical records to be bulk
scanned intoHAIMS.At that time we will be 100%
electronic with exception to dental records. If you would like a copy of your Medical records prior to the bulk scan please come to the AMDF and fill out our records request form. Copies will only be made for members who have a Physical record.

477 FG Team,
Thank you for your help in making the Holiday Gift Card tree Fundraising a success this holiday season. 100% of all donations support the unmet needs of the families that stay at the Fisher House and house use.
Fiscal Fitness
UNPAID DUTY AND TRAVEL ORDERS: All travel and military pay claims must be submitted within five workdays of TDY finish or completion of tour. Let’s submit travel and pay claims without delay.
TRAVEL PAY INCIDENTAL EXPENSES: When you travel for TDY a portion of the travel pay includes per diem for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. The payment for incidental expenses is intended to cover a variety of TDY costs such as laundry expenses, transportation and baggage tips, ATM fees, water and ice. These costs should not be listed as reimbursable expenses on travel vouchers.
RESERVISTS MARRIED TO OTHER MILITARY MEMBERS: The pay rates for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) are determined by grade and with or without dependents. If you are married to another military member, only one of you can claim your shared dependents at a time. For each duty day you claim a dependent for allowance purposes, your military spouse cannot claim that same dependent, and vice versa. And if your spouse claims you as their dependent when you are not performing duty, when you do perform duty your spouse must report the dependent change to decrease his/her allowances.
-Mandatory Reporting of Travel- -OCP POLICY- -CFC- SHOW SOME LOVE-

To accomplish the OSI prebrief go to the AF portal and search"Foreign Travel." Navigate to "Foreign Travel Prebrief and Debrief"

CONTACT 477 FG Rep for INFO;www.akcfc.org




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