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  10th Anniversary Ceremony
 The Photographs-The History-Our Unit-Mission-Vision 
Honoring Our Heritage READ
"Always Forward "Compostion by Maj. Brett Bakner
Happy 10 Year Anniversary 477th Fighter Group 2007-2017


The 477th Fighter Group's 10th Anniversary,October, 2017. Step back in time with some historic Images: 
 Air Force 70 year Anniversary Video - SEE  HERE

Senior Master Sergeant John C. McClain is the 477th Fighter Group Command Post Specialist atJoint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.
 He is responsible for Fighter Group command and control operations, unit readiness reporting and training, He served as a member of the 673rd 
ABE Inspector General Team, Fighter Group Area Security Manager and Emergency Manager.

While working as the 477th Fighter Group Representative and Liaison Officer with the Installation Control Center and 637rd Command Post. 
He has been responsible for training and communications in readiness, AFRC, PACAF and NORAD Directives in support of emergency war 
orders, contingency, mobilization and emergency management. 

Sergeant McClain served as First Sergeant for the 917th Mission Support Group from 2002 to 2007 and deployed to Afghanistan in direct 
support of Southern Watch and Enduring Freedom where he was assigned to the Joint Command in the Office of Military Cooperation. 

As a Technical Sergeant, he served as the Chaplain Manager for the 917th Wing Chaplains Service, providing religious support and education 
for a Wing of 
1500 personnel. He was activated in support of the 2nd Bomb Wing in September, 2011.

Senior Master Sergeant McClain is originally from Rosenberg, Texas and graduated from Lamar Consolidated High School. He enlisted in 
December of 1980 under the delayed enlistment program. He is married to the former Stephanie Ann Watkins and has two sons John (CJ) and Stephen. 

Please join SMSgt McClain and his family to celebrate a long and distinguished career in service to the United States Air 
Force, Saturday, October 14, 2017, from 1400-1530 at the Arctic Warrior Events Center.


~Manage Civilian Benefits~ Read here..
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Explore over 50,000 free online courses, books, learning tracks, videos, exercises, and much more as part of your self-development journey.

Read the August 2017 edition of the virtual Force Development Center newsletter to learn about on-demand, self-paced learning resources available to Air Force civilians, officers, and enlisted members without charge.

Training, education, and force development resources are accessible from your desktop 24/7 including AF
e-learning programs and links to myPers, My Vector, AFVEC, and much more.

PHA Schedule
Sun Only; 10:00-12:00
FLU SEASON: Flu shot rodeo will begin Oct UTA at FG ALL Call and Nov UTA FG/CC Call.

Members may also receive flu shot at 673 MDG during UTA PHA hours.

If you have civilian flu shot, please submit paperwork to AMDF to reflect currency.

You MUST be in Mil status to get the shot on base. The AFRC goal is to be 100% by 1 Jan 18 after which members will "go red" in ASIMS.

477 News Topics
-477th Commander's Call Topics
-477 FG News
-AFRC News
-Air Force Reserve Snapshot
-AF News
-New officer and enlisted evaluation system 

Fiscal Fitness Article

TDY TRAVEL RECEIPTS: Travelers must maintain receipts for all lodging costs, plane tickets, SATO fees, and other travel expenses of $75 or more; those receipts must show a zero balance due and must be attached to travel vouchers which should be submitted within 5 days. And travelers are encouraged to retain ALL receipts in the event questions arise about expenses.

TRAVEL FOR IDT: Generally, travel pay is not authorized for travel to or from the place of inactive duty (IDT). IDT includes UTA, RMP, and AFTP. IDT can be performed in conjunction with active duty tours, but under no circumstances should active duty be combined with IDT for the purpose of providing travel expenses to the IDT location. Commanders and supervisors should ensure that all active duty tours performed in conjunction with IDT can be substantiated by a valid support or training requirement.

"You know what it takes to be a Reserve Citizen Airman. It's time to share your adventure!"

We need strong candidates to fill positions across the Country, so the person you have in mind
doesn’t have to be local!

  Mandatory Reporting of Travel to Foreign Countries
NEW! Mandatory Approval/Reporting Requirements for Travel to Foreign Countries

The Director of National Intelligence has made it mandatory that personnel with a security clearance to request approval and report all travel to foreign countries. Commander approval must be obtained prior to foreign travel using a Foreign Travel Worksheet which can be obtained from your unit’s Security Manager. Once the worksheet is completed and signed by your Commander, an OSI prebrief is required.

To accomplish the OSI prebrief go to the AF portal and search "Foreign Travel." Navigate to "Foreign Travel Prebrief and Debrief" to complete your travel survey (https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/ep/globalTab.do?channelPageId=s88B4F00B2D70DF4E012DBE0975FE0BAB). Select “Click here to go to a page where you can complete a prebrief survey specific to your base.” Part of the survey is reviewing the country specific travel advisories by following the link provided. Upon submission, the survey will automatically be emailed to AFOSI who will identify anyone who needs an in-person brief. It is imperative you complete the prebrief survey far enough in advance to conduct an in-person brief, if necessary. Airmen who need an in-person brief will attend the Air Force Mandatory CI Awareness Briefing, which will be held the 3rd Thursday of the Month at the Talkeetna Theater at 9 a.m.

Upon return, member will return to the "Foreign Travel" site on the AF portal and complete the debrief survey.

Please contact Mr. David Nickell at 551-4755, your unit Security Manager or the AFOSI at 552-2256 if you need further guidance.

~ October Promotions~
302 FS- Major John Deloney
302 FS- Major Amanda Lancaster
302 FS- Staff Sgt. Brittany Simmons 

AMDF-Senior Airman Thomas Champion
AMDF-Staff Sgt. Jordon Gosteli 
   Staff Sgt. Aaron Carioto
FSS-   Staff Sgt. Michael MCcartney 
MXS-Senior Airman Connor Otten
MXS- Staff Sgt. Kyle Cahill
MXS- Aaron Meadows
Master Sgt. George Sardakowski 

A1C to Senior Airman -Darby D. Dervin
Technical Sgt. to Master Sgt.-Brent N. Sisson
Senior Airman to Staff Sgt.-Amanda R. Rehberg
Staff Sgt. to Technical Sgt.-Robert E. Collier
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