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Col. Baldwin, FSS Change of Command

                                           *Lt. Gen. Richard W. Scobee assumes command of AFRC (MORE) 
                                         *USAF Plans Dramatic Increase in Number of Squadrons (READ HERE) 
                                         *71st birthday of the United States Air Force, Sept. 18, 2018, (MESSAGE) 
 *The Secretary of the Air Force Chief of Staff, To the Airmen, September 11 ( HERE)


 Col. Patrick Travers, the 477 FG Chaplain
To all member of the 477 FG:
The 10th AF will be hosting a Couples Enrichment Retreat from 11-13 January 2019. This retreat will utilize the same materials used at Yellow Ribbon Retreats. The NAF Commander has agreed to fund 5 couples to attend this retreat in the Anchorage, Alaska area. The first five couples that indicate interest will be accepted. Additional requestors will be placed on a standby list. The material uses a humor-based approach to enhancing couple satisfaction that provides insight, hope, forgiveness, encouragement, foster respect and result in changed lives and marriages. The event itself is relevant, fun, passionate, and caring in its approach. Priority will be given to those members who have not deployed and/or taken advantage of the Yellow Ribbon Program.

The retreat will take place at an off-base location within the Anchorage commuting area to be determined by 1 November 2018.

There will be four sessions (1 Friday night, two on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday morning. The schedule will be as follows:

Friday - 1500-1800 (Check-in to Hotel); 1900-2100 - Session 1
Saturday -0900-1100 - Session 2; 1300-1500 - Session 3
Sunday - 0800-0830 Optional Christian Worship Service; 0900-1100 - Session 4;1100-1130 Conclusion/Survey/Finance Documents Completion

Children will be not be accommodated at the retreat nor funded for travel. Attendees will receive a separate email that will include a link to complete an individual on-line assessment before the event, reporting instructions, and hotel registration link.

Please provide your Full names, street address, civilian e-mail accounts for both attendees, cell phone numbers, and Mode of Travel typically used to get to Anchorage, and whether or not you are eligible for a Yellow Ribbon event.
Email this information or send questions to mark.mcdaniel.1@us.af.mil not later than 17 October 2019.  
         477 FG HALLOWEEN PARTY                                                                                                            QUEST -FOR -ZERO                  

Fiscal Fitness
OBLIGATION TO TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY: Every traveler is expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses for Government travel that a prudent person would exercise if traveling at personal expense. In other words, treat your TDY travel expenses as if you were spending your own money.
SUPERVISORS’ ROLE IN MILITARY LEAVE PROCESSING: 1) Ensure all parts of AF Form 988 are completed to include signatures with dates on Part I. 2) Get a leave number by submitting the AF Form 988 to the Reserve Pay Office (RPO) before leave starts. 3) On the workday following member’s last day of leave complete Part III by certifying the leave dates that were actually taken, and submit it to the RPO.
RESERVISTS WHO PAY CHILD SUPPORT: If you are paying child support and you are not receiving with dependent basic allowance for housing (BAH) for your active duty tours, please contact the 477 FG Reserve Pay Office. You may be entitled to the higher allowance rate. 
The 477 AMDF are tentatively scheduled to have 477 FG members physical records to be bulk scanned into HAIMS sometime in the next 60-90 days. At that time we will be 100% electronic with exception to dental records. If you would like a copy of your Medical records prior to the bulk scan please come to the AMDF and fill out our records request form. Copies will only be made for members who have a Physical record.  


CALLING ALL Sra, SSgt, TSgt, MSgt, SMSgt
Would you like to go to ALS (must be a SrA), NCOA (must be a SSgt) or SNCOA (must be a MSgt or SMSgt)? Do you have a current and passing PT test, is your medical and dental up to date, and do you have 2 years retainability? Put in a packet, through your chain of command. First come, first serve. Ask you Base Training how to get started.
College Credits at No Cost and in Little to No Time
You can earn college credits at 100% no cost by testing out of a full range of higher education subject areas versus sitting in the classroom.
Too good to be true?
Air Force civilians can request credit-by-exam via the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Defense Activities for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Subject Standardized Tests.
If you are not using these benefits for your degree you are paying too much! Details can be found on myPers at Credit-by-Exam Programs - College Level Examination Program / DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, or by signing into myPers and following the tuition assistance link for more details.
AMXS- TSgt Adam Ducharme

FSS-    TSgt Joshawa Edwards

            SSgt Joseph Miller

AMDF- MSgt Paul Koepp

            TSgt Melissa Schmitz

MXS-   MSgt Robert Breher

            TSgt Matias Castro

MXS-   TSgt Colten Mullins

AMXS- SMSgt- Kanya Briner

             TSgt Joshua Saxon

             TSgt Jeremie Sanders
             Sra Aline Fortson

FGS - TSgt Fredy Cadavid

MXS- MSgt George Sardakowski

AMXS- TSgt Zachary Deaver

            SSgt Christopher Graham

            TSgt William Huff

            SSgt Jermaine James

             SSgt Wade Lawrence

             Sra Joash Marquez

FSS- SMSgt Jason Nystrom

AMDF- Sra Thomas Champion

             Sra Gewiner Jeanbaptiste

302 FS- SSgt Brittany Simmons



  Mandatory Reporting of Travel to Foreign Countries
NEW! Mandatory Approval/Reporting Requirements for Travel to Foreign Countries

The Director of National Intelligence has made it mandatory that personnel with a security clearance to request approval and report all travel to foreign countries. Commander approval must be obtained prior to foreign travel using a Foreign Travel Worksheet which can be obtained from your unit’s Security Manager. Once the worksheet is completed and signed by your Commander, an OSI prebrief is required.

To accomplish the OSI prebrief go to the AF portal and search "Foreign Travel." Navigate to "Foreign Travel Prebrief and Debrief" to complete your travel survey (https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/ep/globalTab.do?channelPageId=s88B4F00B2D70DF4E012DBE0975FE0BAB). Select “Click here to go to a page where you can complete a prebrief survey specific to your base.” Part of the survey is reviewing the country specific travel advisories by following the link provided. Upon submission, the survey will automatically be emailed to AFOSI who will identify anyone who needs an in-person brief. It is imperative you complete the prebrief survey far enough in advance to conduct an in-person brief, if necessary. Airmen who need an in-person brief will attend the Air Force Mandatory CI Awareness Briefing, which will be held the 3rd Thursday of the Month at the Talkeetna Theater at 9 a.m.

Upon return, member will return to the "Foreign Travel" site on the AF portal and complete the debrief survey.





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