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As most of us have known for some months now, a significant number of members of the 477th Fighter Group is about to undertake a challenging six-month deployment. For some of them, this will be the first time they have deployed; for others it will perhaps be the latest of many deployments. Our deploying members and their loved ones will be the most heavily affected by this event, but it is something that will to a greater or lesser extent affect all of us in the 477th Fighter Group family, and in which we will each be called to share according to our individual assignments.
477th Fighter Group Chaplain; Chaplain, Col Pat Travers    -STORY HERE-

Fiscal Fitness
SEE YOUR RESERVE PAY OFFICE (RPO): There are many good reasons to contact your RPO. Here are a few: 1) change in marital status, 2) change state of legal residence, 3) change of address, 4) change number of dependents, 5) change in tax exemptions, and 6) change in direct deposit account. Note that changes for tax exemptions and direct deposit can be accomplished in myPay.
DTS TRAVEL AUTHORIZATIONS: 477 FG travelers must not create travel authorizations for themselves in the Defense Travel System (DTS). AFTER an order is published, AROWS-R exports information to DTS to create the travel authorization. DTS sends an email to the traveler with instructions for accessing DTS and completing the authorization to include making flight arrangements in DTS. This process is exclusive to all AF Reserve travelers, so our TDY travelers should ensure the email address posted in DTS is one they have access. Questions should be directed to unit Organizational Defense Travel Administrators (ODTAs).
ADVANCE LEAVE: When military members request more leave days than they have currently accrued but will accrue before the end of their active duty tour, the days that exceed the current leave balance are known as advance leave. Note that in most cases advance leave is not authorized for Air Force reservists. The only exceptions are for emergencies or for non-prior-service enlistees while attending schools during the Christmas holiday recess. So unless you have an emergency or are a pipeline student, do not request more leave days than your current leave balance. Reminder, leave request forms must be signed by member and supervisor and submitted to the Reserve Pay Office (RPO) before leave starts.

477 FG members,
Point Credit Summary information can be found on MyPers website:


CALLING ALL Sra, SSgt, TSgt, MSgt, SMSgt
Would you like to go to ALS (must be a SrA), NCOA (must be a SSgt) or SNCOA (must be a MSgt or SMSgt)? Do you have a current and passing PT test, is your medical and dental up to date, and do you have 2 years retainability? Put in a packet, through your chain of command. First come, first serve. Ask you Base Training how to get started.

College Credits at No Cost and in Little to No Time
You can earn college credits at 100% no cost by testing out of a full range of higher education subject areas versus sitting in the classroom.
Too good to be true?
Air Force civilians can request credit-by-exam via the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Defense Activities for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Subject Standardized Tests.
If you are not using these benefits for your degree you are paying too much! Details can be found on myPers at Credit-by-Exam Programs - College Level Examination Program / DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, or by signing into myPers and following the tuition assistance link for more details.


September Promotions:
OSF    -SSgt  Fred Dantzler
AMXS -SSgt  Michael Phothiboupha

Congratulations to our newest Lieutenant Colonel selects:
Lt. Col. (s) Dave “Chappy” Balmer, 302d FS
Lt. Col. (s) Caleb “Slick” Haley, 302d FS


  Mandatory Reporting of Travel to Foreign Countries
NEW! Mandatory Approval/Reporting Requirements for Travel to Foreign Countries

The Director of National Intelligence has made it mandatory that personnel with a security clearance to request approval and report all travel to foreign countries. Commander approval must be obtained prior to foreign travel using a Foreign Travel Worksheet which can be obtained from your unit’s Security Manager. Once the worksheet is completed and signed by your Commander, an OSI prebrief is required.

To accomplish the OSI prebrief go to the AF portal and search "Foreign Travel." Navigate to "Foreign Travel Prebrief and Debrief" to complete your travel survey (https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/USAF/ep/globalTab.do?channelPageId=s88B4F00B2D70DF4E012DBE0975FE0BAB). Select “Click here to go to a page where you can complete a prebrief survey specific to your base.” Part of the survey is reviewing the country specific travel advisories by following the link provided. Upon submission, the survey will automatically be emailed to AFOSI who will identify anyone who needs an in-person brief. It is imperative you complete the prebrief survey far enough in advance to conduct an in-person brief, if necessary. Airmen who need an in-person brief will attend the Air Force Mandatory CI Awareness Briefing, which will be held the 3rd Thursday of the Month at the Talkeetna Theater at 9 a.m.

Upon return, member will return to the "Foreign Travel" site on the AF portal and complete the debrief survey.


Ready.gov is a website that will assist with disaster preparedness for you and your family. Please review when you have a moment, you’ll find planning tools, information and tips on how to prevent and respond to local emergencies. MORE

Alaskan winters are a different kind of season to those who were not born and raised here. The days see very little sunlight and the weather brings heavy winds on top of the snows and cold. Snowfall begins as early as October and stays on the ground well into April or May. Knowing what to expect enables us to better prepare for what an Alaskan winter has to throw at us. Below are simple steps to making yourself ready for this upcoming winter. HERE




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