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                               -AIR FORCE RESERVE NEWS -  STAY INFORMED

Col. Brett R. Paola the Commander, 477th Fighter Group, Joint Base Elmendorf- Richardson, Alaska.


477th Fighter Group Team:
Thank you for your help each month at the Fisher House.
The Alaska Fisher House is a "home away from home" for service members, veterans, and their family members. It provides a warm and compassionate environment for families to heal and support each other while receiving medical care in the Anchorage area.

To accomplish the OSI prebrief, go to the AF portal and search "Foreign Travel." Navigate to "Foreign Travel Prebrief and Debrief"
Vehicle safety orientation and education briefing,

IAW AFI 24-302, This month’s topic is to please be vigilant of children crossing the street while unloading/re-loading at bus stops, overtaking and passing school bus according to the Alaska Statutes 28.35.145. The takeaway from this briefing is to please keep in mind of the consequences and current Alaska State law, which requires drivers to halt at least 30 feet from a school bus stopped with flashing red lights. Ignoring that law is a class B misdemeanor and carries an up to $100 fine and six license demerit points. More information about Alaska Statutes 28.35.145 can be found here at this online source: http://www.touchngo.com/lglcntr/akstats/Statutes/Title28/Chapter35/Section145.htm
TSgt. Sarah A. Goodman, USAF

OSI prebrief, go to the AF portal and  search "Foreign Travel." 


Fiscal Fitness
UNPAID DUTY AND TRAVEL ORDERS: All travel and military pay claims must be submitted within five workdays of TDY finish or completion of tour. Let’s submit travel and pay claims without delay.
TRAVEL PAY INCIDENTAL EXPENSES: When you travel for TDY a portion of the travel pay includes per diem for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses. The payment for incidental expenses is intended to cover a variety of TDY costs such as laundry expenses, transportation and baggage tips, ATM fees, water and ice. These costs should not be listed as reimbursable expenses on travel vouchers.
RESERVISTS MARRIED TO OTHER MILITARY MEMBERS: The pay rates for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) and Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) are determined by grade and with or without dependents. If you are married to another military member, only one of you can claim your shared dependents at a time. For each duty day you claim a dependent for allowance purposes, your military spouse cannot claim that same dependent, and vice versa. And if your spouse claims you as their dependent when you are not performing duty, when you do perform duty your spouse must report the dependent change to decrease his/her allowances.



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