477 FG/CC Comments - August 2016

  • Published
  • By Col Christopher Ogren
  • 477th Fighter Group

Winners - thanks again for the privilege of leading the finest, exquisitely unique & valuable 5th Gen Airpower Airmen on the planet.  Even though we field the world's most lethal weapons system, I demand our human weapons systems participate, train & serve at a rate we sustain as "Citizen Airmen for Life." 


We'll continue to walk, not run, in service to our Nation's needs.  As Citizen Airmen, we are here for the long haul and I trust your experience, judgement & leadership will help us maintain a special Unit Identity (PEOPLE), purpose (POWER), and relationship (PARTNERS) with our 3rd

Indeed, we're meeting down-range airpower requirements right now with our RegAF Wingman.  Thanks for all the work required to deliver some sharp knives to the Combatant Commander... "As Iron sharpens Iron."


You'll hear from me in short data bursts on this, and other, media.  In today's world, I don't think it's possible to over-communicate and I intend to keep you in the loop on my thinking, our Senior Leaders' thinking, and our 3rd Wing partner's thinking.  I owe it to you.  Rest assured, it'll be a bit more than 144 characters - but I'll try and keep it pithy, relevant, & useful.  My door is open most of the time, so I'd ask for your feedback as well.  It bears repeating, Citizen Airmen are in this for the long run and our Reserve *Family* needs you. 


Thanks for what you do.  I'm awed, humbled, and fired up to be your Commander.  #America!

Wing go-to-war partners.