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477th Fighter Group Staff

The 477th Fighter Group Staff is made up of several different offices, supporting the 477th FG.

Command Section
Consolidated Support Staff
Activity Security Manager
Process Manager
Chaplains -  Chaplains provide religious ministries during war, contingencies, national emergencies, and military exercises.
Deployment Manager
Equal Opportunity (EEO) - The EEO office strives to accomplish its mission by promoting an environment free from personal, social or institutional barriers that could prevent military and civilian Air Force members from rising to their highest potential. 
Historian - The 477th FG Historian collects information and photos about the 477th FG.  They periodically report about significant events that occur within the 477th FG.
Inspector General (IG)
Judge Advocate (JA)
Public Affairs (PA) The Public Affairs office serves to coordinate interactions between American public and the 477th FG.  They also write articles, take photos and videos of the various aspect of the 477th FG life.