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     Heroes of the Air Force Reserve,Next month, I will relinquish command, surrounded by my colleagues, friends and family. Before I leave, I want to take a few moments to share some parting words. First and foremost, I cannot express my gratitude for being able to serve as your commander for the last


     Teammates,As I round the final lap of my career, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on the things that have helped me stay the course for nearly 33 years. Family, friends, an oath and commitment to serve, and a sincere desire to give back regardless of how tiring the journey has been all come to

  • July Chief's Perspective

    With the end of a military career that has spanned over 34 years, including four years as the Chief of Security Forces, there have been countless opportunities to reflect on the numerous aspects of my military career that got me here. Still, the most crucial element that comes to mind is my goal of

  • July Commander's Corner

    It was June 1980. A 17-year-old young man from northern Minnesota got on an airplane headed to San Antonio, Texas, to embark upon an adventurous Air Force career. The Minneapolis temperature was a pleasant 53 degrees. The culture shock was immediate because Texas greeted me with a 109 degree

  • July Fitness Tips

    How to enjoy some of your favorite summer activities and burn 300 calories having fun!

  • Juneteenth: A celebration of one of America’s greatest triumphs

    Signed into law as a federal holiday in 2021, Juneteenth, sometimes referred to as Emancipation Day, has a long tradition as a cultural holiday amongst black Americans. The holiday officially commemorates the occasion of the last American slaves being set free in 1865 in Texas, following the Civil

  • A Note from Your Chaplain - June 2022 UTA

    Welcome to June UTA,Last month as I visited our units, I asked the question, “What keeps you going during the challenges of life?”The answers included: spending time with nature, lifting weights, working out, talking it through with friends, playing video games, choking people out in jujitsu, taking

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a great time of year to bring awareness to mental health issues and available resources. Mental health affects all of us. It has a big influence on our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Creating a culture where seeking help is brave will reduce stigma and

  • Mental health awareness and my story

    Today the importance of mental health and treatment for mental illness is taken more seriously. Mental illness, like any physical injury, can be healed. Sometimes it can heal on its own like a cut or a bruise, but oftentimes, because of its severity, it takes medical intervention to treat it, like a