477th Force Support Services

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Mike campbell
  • 477th Fighter Group

Ask any 477th Force Support Services (FSV) Airman what their assignment will be for the next Unit Training Assembly and you may be surprised to hear the range of answers.  On any given UTA FSV Airmen train members at the gym, complete lodging detail work, and prepare meals for Airmen.

The 477 FSV start their UTA’s off by signing in for the weekend ready to take on the multiple tasks of their Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). FSV Airmen are truly Total Force Integrated (TFI).  Their responsibilities involve working with guardsmen and active duty throughout the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson community to accomplish the common mission of support services.

Preparing everyday missions at the Dining Facility (DFAC)

When was the last time you peeled 60 lbs. of vegetables for a meal? Probably never! However, as an FSV Airman working in the DFAC, it is a normal day at the office. “The 477 FSV helps the active duty at JBER with prepping, preparing meals, assisting with box lunches and helping with duty associated DFAC tasks.” Said Staff Sgt. Heather Parks, Services Flight Specialist. “Services is a team, no matter if you are active duty or a reservist, the job is the same and we are all trained to win.”

“It is a Total Force Integration, we work with the Active Duty and we could end up mobilizing together.” Said MSgt Bryan Nicolos the 477th Sustainment Services Supervisor, "The active duty knows we have the knowledge and capability to work alongside them, we have a strong working relationship.”

Meals require planning, not only for the next meal but future meals and special events to serve our members and their families.

“The Air Force has a 14-day menu plan that rotates, taking into consideration special meals, ethnic meals and holidays, it keeps a variety of foods being served. Nobody wants to go into the DFAC and eat the same ole food every day.” Said MSgt Nicolos. 

Fitness Center Management

The Fitness center is a management opportunity that falls within Services’ duties. At the Fitness Center 477 FSV Airmen support the needs of the community by providing extra manpower at times when the center in under-manned due to deployments or during holidays surges.

“I participated with backfill days for a year, working with the active duty holding classes for civilians, active duty, reservist and the guardsmen,” Said, Senior Airman Darby Dervin, from the 477 FSV. “I enjoy my work because it is customer service based and like working with people.”

One of the dedicated programs the Reservist take on every UTA is the Fitness Assessment program that is vital to Airmen’s careers and also a requirement.

“The 477 FSV Airmen run the program with Unit Fitness Program Manager (UFPM) and PTLs.” Said MSgt. Nicolos. “The UFPMs from each unit along with PTLs assist the FSV section to make each UTA a successful Fitness program for the 477FG, it’s a group effort.”

Other duties that Services folks provide at the fitness center are an understanding of Fitness facilities themselves, safety principles and knowledge of fitness equipment.

“On demand, we can accommodate any member to achieve greatness in their fitness goals, better health management and provide direction to professionals for healthier results,” said Nicolos.

Lodging on Demand

Lodging management opportunities for the 477FSV consist mostly of field lodging.

There is a stark difference when it comes to Base Lodging and Field Tent cities. Lodging on base is a turn-key operation. Field Lodging operations require a systematic thought process from experienced individuals to create a safe and relatively comfortable environment for the unit.

“How to build a tent city? What type of Tent city and where to put it? These are the relative questions at hand when preparing a mission in the field.” Said Nicolos. “Preparation for tent cities require taking a bare base-environment and make an efficient place to support a mission, there are certain things that have to be thought out such as working with CE, Personnel Support for Contingency Operations (PERSCO), and talking with locals if available is just the beginning in preparing for field lodging. Some of the other elements of field preparation are troop requirements such as food, lodging, recreation and safety. High ground, water sources, road access, mortuary placements are all a part of the puzzle to put a city together, one wrong placement can hinder a successful mission.” said Nicolos.

The extensive proficiencies required within the Services AFSC and managing their civilian life could make it seem like the 477th FSV has its plate full.  But they got this! “When it comes to training and capabilities of the 477 FSV Airmen, we are ready for the challenge. Reserve Members are well trained and ready for any task, whether it is in a Fitness facility or building a tent city, the 477FSV services are ready for the mission." Said MSgt. Nicolos.