AFCLC Launches Culture Guide App 2.0 During AU LREC Symposium: Introduces New Educational Course with Certificate

  • Published
  • By Lori Quiller, AFCLC Outreach Team

Earlier in 2021, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. released his strategic initiative, Accelerate Change or Lose, in which he emphasized why changes in the U.S. Air Force are necessary. Gen. Brown’s initiative outlines four Action Orders, focusing on people, decision-making, competition and adapting to change.

Kicking off the last day of the 2021 Virtual Air University Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Symposium this morning, Air Force Culture and Language Center Director Howard Ward gave a live demonstration of the heavily updated Culture App 2.0.

Ward described the new AFCLC App 2.0 as a one-stop shop for “accessible, relevant, impactful curriculum” in addition to culture field guides. A delivery method that can deploy curriculum at enterprise scale, untethered from the constraints of government systems which is especially great for Total Force Airmen, and it’s designed to accelerate learning for strategic competition by putting the Global Classroom right in your pocket.”

Today, AFCLC unveiled significant upgrades to its mobile app, which The Wall Street Journal already recognized as one of the six indispensable apps for business travelers. Changes to the app include:
 Enhanced accessibility to AFCLC’s Expeditionary Culture Field Guides – Users no longer need to download one of the 69 guides to view their content. Touch the block containing the name of the guide for it to open. Plus, there are seven new ECFGs on the way.
• Accelerated learning for strategic competition – Touch the Courses button at the bottom of the screen to view our first new course. Developing Cultural Competence is designed to baseline the user on what culture is, why it matters to an Airman or Guardian, and how they can learn more as their career progresses. Two more courses will be released soon. These courses will allow each service member to achieve Gen. Brown’s Action Order Charlie individually by learning the fundamentals of culture for adversary understanding. Upon completing these courses, users will receive a certificate ready to upload to their learning record.
• A video library will be coming soon to further enhance learning capabilities on the go.

The app is available to all military service members and civilians through the App Store, Google Play, and it’s safe for Department of Defense mobile devices. More than 20,000 individuals are already utilizing the app, and for those individuals, an automatic update to Version 2.0 is now available.