AU Library adds Pilot Training Next simulator

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Cody Gandy
  • Air University Public Affairs

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- The Air University Library and Immersive Learning and Simulation Research Task Force received a Pilot Training Next simulator at the Air University Library Innovation Lab, Oct. 28, 2021.

Students will be able to familiarize themselves with walk around inspections, instruments, flying patterns and procedures, while instructors and coaches get real-time data read outs and give black box debriefings.

The PTN simulator was provided to the university by the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation as a part of an agreement between the two organizations designed to send research conducted at Air University and other educational environments back to the operational field. The university’s Immersive Learning and Simulation Research Task Force, a joint elective course from various educational tracks around AU, routinely supports this relationship and will integrate the simulator into lessons learned provided to the operational field.

“The simulator is a great hands-on learning tool not just for students that are interested in keeping up with their pilot skills but also as a platform to get wired in with virtual technology which has so many other applications across the Air Force and sister services spectrum,” said Dr. Mehmed Ali, Air University’s director for the Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center. “This machine is a game changer for the entire University!”

Immersing users into a T6A Texan II, a single engine two-seat primary trainer, the simulator is designed to train basic flight school students for both Air Force and Navy pilots. The virtual reality environment provides flexible training opportunities for AU students and faculty who wish to utilize the simulator outside of traditional class settings. This training tool can provide broad-spectrum growth opportunities or fine tune specific elements of flight that a student may desire further refining.

“The PTN leverages the latest virtual reality technology to train students and is available for use anytime at Air University Library, including courses taught in our virtual reality classroom,” said Alisha Miles, director of the AU Library. “We’re optimistic that faculty from all around the university will integrate the PTN and our other tech gear in the innovation lab directly into the curriculum to add the benefits of immersive learning.”

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