Medical Continuation program is moving

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VIDEO | 01:06 | MEDCON Promo

The Air Force Medical Continuation Program is moving to a new & improved HR platform on June 1, 2022: the MyFSS MEDCON application.

Centralized at Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center on Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, the Air Reserve Component Case Management Division (ARC CMD) is a Total Force operation that provides comprehensive case
management to expedite Medical Continuation (MEDCON) orders processing and medical evaluation and treatment of members until they are either returned to duty by a military provider or enter into the Disability Evaluation System (DES), within one year from diagnosis. This consolidated, streamlined approach aims to improve medical readiness through facilitated care for ARC Airmen across the Air Force.

The primary purpose of MEDCON is to facilitate the continued access to medical and dental care for eligible members. The ARC CMD determines MEDCON eligibility for all ARC Airmen who incur or aggravate an injury, illness, or disease while in a qualified duty status. MEDCON orders extend certain entitlements to Airmen who are unable to perform military duty due to their Line of Duty (LOD) condition.

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