It's a great time to be a Citizen Airman

  • Published
  • By Col. Christopher D. Ogren
  • 477th Fighter Group, Commander
Reserve Family -

The winter dark ages are starting to subside, somewhat, & we remain diligently engaged in our Air Dominance (POWER) mission both in Alaska and downrange.

It is a great time to be a Citizen Airmen - the new POTUS is tasking his new SecDef for a readiness assessment with an eye towards asking the Congress for supplemental $$ for both FY17 & FY18.

This is all goodness because I know we often times have more military volunteerism then days and dollars. On the civilian side, { a quick sentence here about the civilian hiring freeze - best data available }. So thanks for getting the mission done with our 3 WG PARTNERS & thanks for rolling with the punches.

See you at the Airmen of the Year (PEOPLE) celebration on 11 February! 

All the best - Beldar