Don't keep your good ideas to yourself

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Brett R. Paola
  • 477th Fighter Group, Deputy Commander

By the time you are not reading this, Polar Force will be winding down. Our intent was to primarily focus on the business of doing the business. This means F-22 sortie generation and execution.

I am confident we garnered some quality lessons learned in training with our 3rd Wing partners. I look forward to seeing the results, and more importantly any hot wash items that emerged. Resident experience is intrinsic to being a reservist, and simply cannot be replaced. It's time we leverage this experience. If you know, or even think you might know, of a way we might do business more efficiently, please bring it up. Nothing can replace first-hand experience, so don't keep your good ideas to yourself. That's my idea, for you to not keep yours to yourself. 

 See what I did there? Boom.

477th FG deployed folks will be returning in March. Commitment to deploy is not without sacrifices on the home front. Take a minute to figure out who is coming back, and reach out help make their return transition an easy one. Nothing demonstrates appreciation better than a little effort.

Still reading? I applaud your determination. The days are getting longer, and break up is on the way. As you get in the last of your winter fun, remember in Alaska, there is no bad weather, just bad gear.

Thank you for all you do.

Brett "Stitch"Paola, Lt Col, USAF