A note from your Chaplain - October 2020

  • Published
  • By Capt. (Chaplain) Ben Butcher
  • 477th Fighter Group

Welcome to the October UTA,
We each have demands and stresses placed on us. We also have resources to help us to fulfill those demands and cope with those stresses. When these are in balance, we often feel effective and successful.

Even so, we all go through those hard times when our resources seem inadequate or stretched thin. This is especially true when we face a challenge or unexpected event in any of the four big areas of life: the physical, social/relationships, mental, or spiritual. Our resilience is tested as we try to get back to a healthy balance.

It is important to remember that when things seem out of balance, it may take time, work, and adjustments. Hang in there! You are not alone; we all struggle at times. Get help when you need to. As a Chaplain, I am especially interested in your spiritual well-being. Are you living a life that you find meaningful? Are you taking time to enjoy things like beauty, peace, and love? These can be a great resource to help you stay balanced and maintain your resilience.

I pray that you continue to find balance as you accomplish your part in serving with the 477th Fighter Group.

Chaplain Ben Butcher
477th Fighter Group
Air Force Reserve
JBER, Alaska
Office: 907-551-4723