A Note from Your Chaplain - June 2022 UTA

  • Published
  • By Chaplain Ben Butcher
  • 477th Fighter Group

Welcome to June UTA,

Last month as I visited our units, I asked the question, “What keeps you going during the challenges of life?”

The answers included: spending time with nature, lifting weights, working out, talking it through with friends, playing video games, choking people out in jujitsu, taking vitamin E, my relationships with my family & friends, spending time with God, and just keepin’ on keepin’ on. And the list could keep going…

The things that give you strength and meaning are called Protective Factors because they help protect your well-being.

Hopefully, you are taking time doing some of the things that recharge your batteries.

Author Chuck Swindoll, in his book "Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life," describes the importance of choosing to be consistent.  Consistency is required to achieve most things that are worthwhile.

Those who excel in sports, practice consistently. Creating a feeling of safety & trust in your relationships requires you to be consistent and dependable. Some businesses are popular for their consistent level of service and quality.

My prayer for you this UTA is that you remember the things that keep you strong and help you to remain consistent.


The 477th FG chaplain can be reached via EMAIL or  phone 907-551-4723.