Commander's Comments -September 2015

  • Published
  • By Col.David Piffarerio
  • 477th Fighter Group commander
I want to briefly talk to you about your personal and professional development.  You are doing a phenomenal job of setting yourself up for success, growth and advancement in your career field.  Here are the facts:  We had six Majors just get selected for promotion to Lt. Col. and numerous airmen are flashing new stripes and chevrons. Outstanding work!  This is not only a testament to your senior leadership or supervisor taking the time to write outstanding OPR's, EPR's and awards, but it shows that you are doing the right things in your career to enable that growth and development.  The number one way you can continue on your career and reach your goals is through your job performance.  Be the absolute best crew chief, med tech, logistician, comm troop or whatever AFSC you hold.  Fight for that 5 level.  Get your CDC's complete.  Finish up your CCAF.  Know your job and it will pay dividends in the future.  There is a new EPR system that was developed to stratify folks based on job performance.  Chief Honeycutt will have more words on this in the future, but realize it is a step in the right direction to measure and stratify airmen based on how they do at their job.

Our force has always been built on professional, educated airmen who can innovate and lead our Air Force into the future.  I promise you when I tell you this, each and every one of you have a critical role in the 477th Fighter Group.  Our nation is relying on you to know and perform your job so we can execute our mission: Trained Airmen ready to provide air dominance anytime, anywhere.