477 FG/CC Comments - Sept. 2016

  • Published
  • By Col. Christopher Ogren
  • 477th Fighter Group

Citizen Airmen - as you know, AFRC completed our two-year Inspection cycle with a Capstone Visit over the August UTA... and we received an Overall "Effective" assessment = boom. 
It comes as no surprise we're getting the mission done here at home and downrange (POWER + PARTNERS) as well as taking care of our PEOPLE. 

While we should be proud of our 3 IG identified strengths, we'll keep WALKING towards improving our 2 significant findings, 22 minor discrepancies and 6 recommended areas for improvement.

Bottom Line: We are Air Dominance & our "Effective" rating & ZERO critical write-ups are the proof.  Thanks for what you do every day.