477 FG/CC Comments - October 2016

  • Published
  • By Col. Christopher Ogren
  • 477th Fighter Group

Reserve Family -

Welcome to the October UTA!  School is back in full-swing, we have deployers moving across the planet in both directions, the now standard end-of-fiscal-year drama picks up on Capitol Hill, and there is a football game on...  We'll also elect a new Commander-in-Chief... so there is plenty to fill our family, work and media schedules.


Here are a few things I need you to do to simplify your lives. First, deployers - enjoy reconstitution, and all - take care of your families, especially as it gets colder and the shadows grow longer (PEOPLE).  Second, do your job and let me worry about resources, continuing resolutions, and FY17 planning. And Vote! (POWER). Third, protect and preserve our Citizen Airmen culture by showing our PARTNERS how to set a reasonable pace when things get hectic.


I know I just made the difficult sound easy, but that is one of the strengths of our experienced force. You all know how to make it look easy...

Thanks for what you do, thanks for working the mission, and thanks for your service in the Air Force Reserve.


Go Air Force - Beat Navy!   All the best - Beldar