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  • Invisible Enemy

    As a Reserve Citizen Airman in the United States Air Force, I find peace in knowing I am not the only one feeling what I’m feeling at these times. All Reservists understand the extra responsibilities we carry on top of our already complicated civilian lives. 
  • Stress during COVID

    Everyone responds to stress differently and prolonged exposure to stress is unhealthy. Please read some tips from this commentary on ways to navigate stressful environments and improve overall resilience during these trying times. Look out for each other as well as yourself. If you need help, please reach out.
  • Expressing what's inside

    We are living in a world today that is full of turmoil. Between a global pandemic and issues related to racism and social injustice, people are polarized with their thoughts and emotions. This often leads to increased tensions and difficult interactions.    Fear. Hurt. Frustration. Anger. Sadness. These emotions are often labeled as “bad” or