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Tag: Data Protection
  • I lost $200 to an email

    We at the 436th Communications Squadron hope everyone practices good information protection habits. Be aware that attempts like this can happen to anyone. Ensure you are blocking spam and using strong passwords, so that you don’t end up like Tommy!
  • Malware and best security practices

    Today, malware can take the shape of many threats, ranging from the most straightforward algorithm, designed to slow down your computer, to code designed to steal your personal information and even your identity. But how do you recognize that malicious code may have made its way into your information system? You might notice performance problems with your laptop or random ads popping up on your monitor for starters. Another, more surefire way to detect malware is to scan your computer using antivirus software regularly. These programs find known malicious code or detect anomalies in your devices. Once you’ve identified that your system is virus-free, you will want to secure it and keep it that way.