Use your green thumb and win an Aero Garden

  • Published
  • By Maj. Christopher Castaneda
  • 477th Fighter Group, IGI

The 477th Fighter Group Headquarters Building is just within Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson runway bird exclusion zone. Additional research demonstrated a marked decrease in moose-human encounters in base housing areas when Aurora Housing added a clause in their lease to prevent housing residents from creating vegetable gardens. Therefore, the 477 FG Earth Day 2017 event will still focus on food production—just food production off-site.

The 477 FG Earth Day 2017 event will now be a competition to see who can produce the best home-grown salad. On Saturday, May 6, the 477 FG Earth Day committee will hand out seeds and seed starter kits to anyone who would like to participate in the challenge (or to those who just want to get started growing their own food). On Saturday, Aug. 5, we will hold a taste-testing competition and determine our winner.

The prize: An Aero Garden so you can continue your gardening in the post-season

The competition: Grow ingredients to make your salad. You may use other natural ingredients you don’t grow (except absolutely NO store-bought salad dressings!), but your score will go down according to the ratio of grown to purchased ingredients.

The help: the 477 FG is lucky to have many talented gardeners in our unit. If you need help growing along the way, just ask.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to be a judge for the competition, please contact: Maj. Chris Castaneda,