The"BOYS" JBER'S bald eagle aviary

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Mike Campbell
  • 477th Fighter Group

The bi-annual cage cleaning for the Bald Eagle Aviary-Yukata/Wounded Warriors Memorial here happened Saturday, May 06. Technical Sgt. Krystle Quintana and volunteers took time to clean, organize and prep the eagle’s cage for the next season. Quintana has been the primary volunteer coordinator for the Elmendorf Bald Eagle Aviary since 2014, making the eagles’ habitat a success. Presently, there are 18 volunteers who help maintain the bald eagles’ home, not only to ensure a safe environment for the birds, but also to provide an educational central point for our national symbol, the bald eagle.

Meet Notch Wing and One Eyed Jack, they are bald eagles that call the aviary at JBER home.

“Notch Wing was rescued and brought to Elmendorf Air Force base for sanctuary in 1992. He was wounded by a gunshot to his left wing. He lost the ability to regenerate several primary feathers, which prevents him from flying distances greater than a few feet,” said Kerry Seifert, retired master sergeant and founder of the aviary. “One-eyed Jack, as his name indicates, lost one of his eyes. He also sustained an injury to his right wing that ruined his complete ability to fly. Jack was rescued and brought to the Elmendorf Air Force Base for sanctuary in 1999.”

The eagles cannot be released due to their previous injuries but, according to Quintana, “the birds are in good hands and receive regular checkups from qualified vetinarians.”

“I volunteer because I care about the birds and I want to make sure they are taken care of,” said Senior Airman Mathew Warnecke, member of the 673rd Civil Engineer Squadron and co-coordinator of the aviary. “I feel it is my duty to give my time to the birds and community so others can enjoy and learn more about eagles … so that what happened to them may not happen to other birds. Lucky for these birds they are in a place where they can be appreciated and cared for by the military members and family.”

Stop by sometime and visit the Elmendorf Bald Eagle Aviary, there are brochures if you want to know more about eagles and, of course, Notch Wing and One Eyed Jack would like to say hi.