Serving those who sacrifice

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mariette Adams
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

The oath of enlistment states, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

The oath of enlistment is a selfless vow military members make to support and defend the U.S. with their life. It’s an act of service and passion, not for awards or decorations.

Although serving isn’t about receiving recognition, those honors are a way to give thanks to the military members who sacrifice their time, and possibly their lives for a greater cause.

The Airmen at the awards and decorations office at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida dedicate their time to ensure appreciation is given to those who earn it.

“It is an honor to play a role in recognizing military members who have performed bravely both in combat and noncombat situations,” said Airman 1st Class Kassandra Gonzalez, a force management technician assigned to the 6th Force Support Squadron.

Gonzalez is one of many Airmen who support a variety of programs and services that help bestow military honors on one’s career.

“On a daily basis we assist walk-in customers with questions, review Case Management System cases, manage virtual personnel center for any pending evaluations and decoration, and reply to e-mail questions,” explained Staff Sgt. Alejandra Laguna, the NCO in charge of awards, decorations and evaluations assigned to the 6th FSS.

The awards program not only gives a message of gratitude, it can impact an individual’s career.

“It is important for military members to be up-to-date on their awards and decorations because it affects promotion points or eligibility for other awards,” said Laguna.

Their customers often come in needing assistance with a problem or a specific situation.

As personnelists, their focus is to provide quality customer service and unmatched mission support.

“My favorite part of the job is being able to see a member walk away with a smile because they were able to accomplish what they came for, whether it’s updating their ribbon rack to scanning their decoration and sending it up to Air Force Personnel Center to be loaded into their records in time for a promotion,” said Gonzalez.

Military members give the oath of enlistment to serve; the dedicated award and decorations Airmen strive to provide unparalleled support to their fellow military members.