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In light of the Air Force’s renewed focus on diversity and inclusion, the Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command Public Affairs Office has launched its #ShareYourStory campaign – a unique opportunity for members of the Reserve Citizen Airman team to share their stories of overcoming or addressing discrimination in the Air Force.

“While racial discrimination is at the top of the Air Force’s list of efforts to address right now, we want to welcome any Airman with a story of how he or she has addressed challenges in any area – be it gender, sexual orientation, substance abuse, religious beliefs, adverse UCMJ actions, rising out of poverty or any of the many other stories that are out there,” said Col. Beth Horine, AFRC’s director of public affairs.

Members of the Reserve team are encouraged to record their own #ShareYourStory videos or work with their local public affairs office to tell their story. Videos should be less than 10 minutes in length and should use the hashtags #ShareYourStory and #ReserveResilient.

“We learn from each other’s stories and their perspectives,” Horine said. “That can help us develop a better understanding of the differences that ultimately make a more inclusive Air Force Reserve culture for all,” Horine said.

For more information, contact your local public affairs office or e-mail AFRC.PAWorkflow@us.af.mil.