Time to Rise Up: AFR is looking for people with process improvement skills, certifications

  • Published
  • By Bo Joyner

As Air Force Reserve Command ramps up its efforts to “reform the organization,” the command hopes to identify current members of the Reserve team with process improvement skills and certifications obtained from the Air Force as well as private industry and academia.

“The mission of the Air Force is to fly, fight and win … in air, space and cyberspace,” said Donna Watson, master process officer in AFRC’s Analyses, Lessons Learned, CPI and Innovation Directorate (A9). “And we must do this despite facing unprecedented challenges. The future of the Air Force at this pivotal time in our history relies on our ability to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. Searching for a collaborative, holistic approach – a strategy that works beyond the traditional airfield – we seek breakthrough improvements and innovative solutions that may be integrated across the enterprise.”

In an effort to leverage the connections Reserve Citizen Airmen have with their communities and to maximize participation over a lifetime of military and civilian service, A9 is seeking skilled individuals to assist in this effort.

Specifically, the command is looking for members of the Reserve team who possess the following skills: continuous process improvement, Lean/Six Sigma, facilitation, critical thinking, performance management, theory of constraints, business process reengineering, strategic planning, balanced scorecard, measurements/metrics development, statistical process control, design of experiments, project management and other process improvement methodologies.

“We believe there are hundreds of Air Force members with process improvement certifications and/or training who have not been identified,” Yvonne Rutherford, senior change manager in AFRC/A9, said. “We ask that these individuals who possess the ability to apply these tools and techniques self-identify by e-mailing me at Yvonne.Rutherford@us.af.mil.”

Rutherford will provide those who respond with a self-registration questionnaire. Based on the information provided, respondents may receive e-mail notifications of opportunities for activation to facilitate improvement initiatives, projects or events.

“Victory comes to those who foresee, recognize and act on changes in the strategic environment,” Rutherford said. “By taking this bold step and partnering with team leaders and subject matter experts to nurture continuous change and transform how people think about and approach their daily processes, you have the power to become a force multiplier to improve combat capability and reduce waste. Even a slight return in Airmen’s time, savings or cost avoidance, when applied across the enterprise, yields spectacular results for not only Air Force Reserve Command, but the entire Air Force.”

Reserve Citizen Airmen with questions or requiring more information should contact Rutherford at Yvonne.Rutherford@us.af.mil. #ReserveReform ■