Personnel Changes Are Coming: Reservists urged to claim their AFIPPS account in 2021

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One of the Air Force’s top priorities is taking care of its people. With between 50,000 and 60,000 pay problems a year plaguing the force and hindering Airmen from focusing on the mission, the service realized there was a big problem.

The Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System (AFIPPS) is designed to resolve the causes of pay errors, while improving human resources and pay processes for military members.

AFIPPS will provide Airmen and Guardians with a modernized, technological solution that includes streamlined capabilities and time saving features by improving upon and expanding the current Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS), adding payroll, workflow and self-service capabilities.

“The Air Force Reserve force support community is at the tip of the spear when it comes to implementing this initiative,” said Lt. Col. Michelle Coumbs, Air Force Reserve Command’s former AFIPPS lead. “Their new launch campaign is called AFIPPS Ready-Go and the intent is just that … to ready Reserve Citizen Airmen for the AFIPPS phase one ROSS (Read-Only Self-Service) account release happening this summer, before transitioning to phase two and full capability in the summer of 2022.”

During AFIPPS phase one ROSS, Total Force Airmen and Guardians will be required to create their individual AFIPPS account. Members will receive an email notification with instructions on how to claim their account.

The process should take approximately two minutes to accomplish, and allows members to review their records and ensure their information is correct in the system. During this time, accounts will be read-only, affording members the ability to see the human resources data they normally wouldn’t be able to see through another single Air Force platform (dependent-related information, for example). If an error is identified, the individual can immediately engage in the current process for correction of their records, thereby guaranteeing the most accurate information transfers to AFIPPS when it goes live in 2022.

“The intent is that all Reserve military members are ready and go claim their account and review their data by the end of 2021,” Coumbs said.

Phase two, full capability, is scheduled to be delivered in the summer of 2022. At that time, registered users will have access to all AFIPPS capabilities and will be able to see and actively engage AFIPPS to deliver timely and accurate personnel and pay actions.

Airmen and Guardians will continue to receive updates as each phase progresses. 

Reserve AFIPPS questions can be directed to the Reserve AFIPPS team at A1.A1R.AFRC AFIPPS #ReserveReady #ReserveReform