Every Airman has a story: It doesn't hurt to tri

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  • By Public Affairs
  • 477th Fighter Group
Maj. Gina Gorski, the medical operations officer and current interim commander for the 477th Aerospace Medicine Flight, isn't one to sit on the sidelines.

Her desire to help people, serve and be the best she can be personally contributed to a decades-long Air Force career and a successful small business in downtown Anchorage. But she also works to challenge herself personally.

Gorski, who has lived in Eagle River since PCSing to Alaska in 2005, says she's always pushing herself to achieve greater things in life. She went to nursing school at the University of Alaska, switching from active-duty Air Force to the Air Force Reserve, and opened her own business. But as an active outdoors lover, she was looking for a physical challenge.

"A couple of years ago I was driving along the Glenn Highway when I noticed a cluster of people biking along the bike path with such enthusiasm," she said. "I inquired what the event was and I was told it's the annual Golden Nugget Triathlon.  I made up my mind that day that to train for the event...and the rest is history. "

The annual Anchorage all-women triathlon is open to all ages and level s of fitness.  Gorski says the relaxed registration and participation rules of the event made it intimidation free, and was an ideal start into the triathlon community.

"I have participated in marathons all my life," said Gorski.  "But completing a triathlon has always been a dream of mine."

That dream became a reality two years ago when she signed up for her first triathlon, but the event doesn't come without struggles, according to Gorski.

"I have questioned myself and why I'm doing this. There's always a lot of self-searching and self-doubt going through my head while I swim, bike and run," she said.  "But I keep telling myself that this is an awesome accomplishment and I will finish."

This most recent triathlon marked her fourth completion in two years.

"I will participate every year unless something prevents me from doing it," said Gorski.  "I've learned that if I set my mind to something I want to accomplish, then I can do it. Training is not just a fad, but a critical part of my life and I continue to train all year long. "

Gorski says she joined the Air Force as part of a family tradition; her father was a chief master sergeant. She joined the medical field, in particular to help others, but participating in a triathlon is something she does for herself.

"I encourage all women to participate in this event, and others to set similar goals for themselves," she said. "After all, it doesn't hurt to tri."