CSAF visits the Arctic Circle

  • Published
  • By Ashley George
  • Space Base Delta 1

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., and his wife, Sharene, visited Thule Air Base, Greenland, July 16-17, to engage with Airmen and Guardians who play a vital role in mutual defense and space superiority.

Brown’s visit is part of a larger European tour, where he reassured allies and partners that the Department of the Air Force remains committed to security agreements and NATO relationships. While at Thule AB, the Browns noted the installation’s critical location and focused on the quality of life for all members stationed there.

“Thule is a strategic part of our nation’s defense, offering a unique view over the North Pole,” Brown said. “Air Force and Space Force missions supported here are fundamental to our defense of North America and our allies, and allows us to deter adversarial behavior, project power, and defend our nation’s interest in the Arctic region.”

Thule AB is the Department of Defense’s northernmost installation, situated roughly 1,000 miles from the North Pole. It is home to a remote 500-person community comprised of U.S. military, Danish, and Greenlandic members.

“The Airmen and Guardians at Thule consistently demonstrate the resilience and ingenuity of our military force,” Brown said. “It’s the outstanding people here – both our military members and our partners – who are enabling force projection, space superiority, and scientific research, and they are doing so in the most unique of environments.”

During the visit, the Browns received a mission and arctic strategy brief from Thule AB leadership. They also met with Airmen and Guardians, visited the medical clinic, toured the Polar Lounge, and had a resiliency discussion at the chapel. Additionally, Mrs. Brown held a quality-of-life discussion with military members.

“We place continued emphasis on the quality of life, safety, and health of our population,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Douglas Bauer, 821st Space Base Group deputy commander. “We know that taking care of our people means taking care of the mission. We also continue to improve infrastructure so that we can sustain space superiority, which is critical for future stability in the Arctic.”

The 821st SBG provides mission support to the 12th Space Warning Squadron, which uses ground-based radar for missile warning, missile defense, and space situational awareness, as well as the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 1, which conducts telemetry, tracking and commanding operations for U.S. and allied satellite programs.

Prior to departing Thule AB, Brown coined outstanding performers and emphasized his appreciation for everyone’s contribution to national defense.