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  • What are the keys to FA success?

    Maintaining fitness and weight standards is a way of life in the military--that's not telling you something you don’t already know. So here's the scenario, I know my Fitness Assessment is around the corner; how do I plan for that day? If you are like me, you have questions:-What should I eat? -What shouldn’t I eat? -What is the best exercise
  • Five-score and eight months ago ...

    As iron sharpens iron -- backshops matter. Sorties matter. And that's what you're here to do. (Excerpts from the 477 MXS Assumption of Command Nov. 6, 2016.)
  • Training for lives "Another CPR story"

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or “CPR,” is life-saving training military members receive that can reach into our lives when we least expect it. The Acronym CPR will have a different meaning to each person, and while for some it is a reminder of the year-after-year training we all take, for others it is a small word that has undeniably saved
  • 477 FG/CC Comments - October 2016

    Reserve Family - Welcome to the October UTA!  School is back in full-swing, we have deployers moving across the planet in both directions, the now standard end-of-fiscal-year drama picks up on Capitol Hill, and there is a football game on...  We'll also elect a new Commander-in-Chief... so there is plenty to fill our family, work and media
  • 477 FG/CC Comments - Sept. 2016

    Citizen Airmen - as you know, AFRC completed our two-year Inspection cycle with a Capstone Visit over the August UTA... and we received an Overall "Effective" assessment = boom.
  • 477 FG/CC Comments - August 2016

    Winners - thanks again for the privilege of leading the finest, exquisitely unique & valuable 5th Gen Airpower Airmen on the planet. Even though we field the world's most lethal weapons system, I demand our human weapons systems participate, train & serve at a rate we sustain as "Citizen Airmen for Life."
  • Commander's Comments -September 2015

    I want to briefly talk to you about your personal and professional development.  You are doing a phenomenal job of setting yourself up for success, growth and advancement in your career field.  Here are the facts:  We had six Majors just get selected for promotion to Lt. Col. and numerous airmen are flashing new stripes and chevrons. Outstanding
  • Thank you for your sacrifices

    According to Merriam-Webster, "Sacrifice," by definition, is "the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help some-one." As a reservist, sacrifice has become something that we do without even thinking.In the first part of the definition, "the act of giving up something that you want to
  • Think safety as you enjoy your Alaskan summer

    As the amount of sunshine every day transitions from none at all to keeping us all up at night, it's time to think about getting out and enjoying the great Alaska outdoors.It's also time to think about the legendary, 101-Critical Days of Summer and consider safety as you head out to partake in the myriad activities Alaska has to offer.No matter
  • Commander's Comments - May 2015 UTA

    477th Fighter Group Warriors,Welcome to the May UTA!April was incredibly productive and I thank you for your efforts, let's continue that mindset into the May UTA.Chief Briner and I had the opportunity to attend the AFRC commander and chief's conference in April. I wanted to pass a few items from Lt. Gen. Jackson and Chief Master Sgt. Kirksey.First