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  • A father’s love for his children – and the 80s

    I’m a child of the 80s, through and through. I still have an old Nintendo I used to play on, with games like Metroid and Super Mario Bros. sitting on my shelf. I have a Walkman cassette player and headphones, with an actual mix tape I painstakingly recorded. I still have a Trapper Keeper binder I lug around with me in my backpack, stuffed with
  • Fitness Assessment part III

    STRESS. The big question--how does stress in fitness affect our lives and what can we do about it?
  • Speak out in the 477 FG Climate Survey

    The upcoming climate survey is a direct way to let the whole chain of command know how you see things, both positive and negative. The more people who complete the assessment, the more accurate the results. Ultimately, the goal is to create and maintain an environment of fair treatment that is based solely on merit, fitness and capability.
  • New US Air Force Reserve recruiter arrives

    The 477th Fighter Group welcomes Master Sgt. John Sullivan, the new in-service recruiter for the AF Reserve Command. Contact Sullivan at 907-552-3595 for further information.
  • Don't keep your good ideas to yourself

    A message from the 477th Fighter Group Deputy Commander.
  • Air Dominance and Citizen Airmen

    Air Force Col. Christopher Ogren, 477th Fighter Group Commander.
  • It's a great time to be a Citizen Airman

    The winter dark ages are starting to subside, somewhat, & we remain diligently engaged in our Air Dominance (POWER) mission both in Alaska and downrange.
  • Remembering Boston Marathon tragedy inspires patriotism in one 477 FG runner

    As I prepare for the 2017 Boston Marathon, pounding the payment in 0 degree temperatures, on snow and ice covered trails, my mind is often drawn back to my first Boston Marathon, the 2013 marathon and my journey getting there, and the catastrophic ending to the event. Although I was not a victim physically, the events that day certainly had an impact on me and my family and altered my perspective on many things.
  • Fitness Assessment Success Part II

    The Air Force Fitness Assessment is designed to measure your individual fitness level, but how do you get to that excellent score? Let’s talk about who we are and what works for each of us independently by exploring some views and experiences of Airmen and professionals that have made fitness transformations both in themselves and for others.
  • Happy Holidays from the 477 FG CC

    Reserve Family - This has to be my favorite time of the year... food & spirits are in abundance, football games get better with each passing week, and I'm a sucker for Christmas lights!  More importantly, we get a little down time to make those life long Holiday connections & memories with our families, loved ones, & fellow Citizen Airmen.  Let's