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  • “Opportunity” doesn’t call ahead, make sure you have a plan

    When opportunity knocks, it usually doesn’t call ahead of time to schedule an appointment. At least it never did for me.For me, the opportunities came suddenly and out of nowhere. Whether it was making the transition from active duty to the Air Force Reserve, landing a position at Air Force Reserve Command Headquarters, or my current assignment as
  • Decision-making is hard!

    Decision-making could very well be the most important human skill.
  • Involvement in the Community

    Growing up in a small West Texas town with a population of less than 1000, I was taught at an early age the importance of community.  I was involved in many organizations that gave back to the community from participating in the annual “Rabbit Twisters” play, to organizing a youth choir to sing Christmas Carols at the small retirement home in my

    Have you read a dark book lately? Watched a dark or scary movie? Had a bright idea? Or come up with an enlightening thought? In English, dark images are often perceived negatively, while light means something positive and uplifting.
  • Overcoming holiday blues

    The holiday season is upon us once again, and it is often a busy season. It is filled with shopping, gifts, festivities, joyous music, holiday parties, decorations, and many opportunities to be with family, friends, and coworkers as we close out the old year and welcome the New Year.
  • Air Force senior leaders send holiday letter of thanks to Airmen

    Happy holidays from the Secretary, Chief of Staff, and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates history and culture

    The United States military has a remarkable history of Hispanic men and women who have served eagerly and proudly to defend our nation and its people.
  • Transitions: Reserve helps Airman find balance she craves

    As I sat in the lobby of the military personnel section at Travis Air Force Base, California, waiting for my active duty career to wrap up, my mind was filled with competing emotions.On one side, there was disappointment in myself for not continuing with my career. The Air Force had provided me with a foundation of success: a college education,
  • Lessons from failure

    Thirty-two. Thirty-three. Thirty-four. Thirty-five -- time’s up. Somewhere in Texas a senior airman failed his fitness test. He couldn’t complete the minimum requirement for abdominal crunches.Dragging himself back to his car, ashamed and furious with himself, he realized that he was now one of those Airmen he looked down on for failing their

    During a recent Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) mission with the 79th Fighter Squadron Tigers, the flight lead’s overall objective for the mission - written on the top of his briefing boards - was to “Win.” We also see the word Win in our Commander’s Intent when we say that we must Win the Current Fight and be Ready to Win the Next Fight.We